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Providing innovative and effective solutions for your business, your industry and government.

Biosecurity is about taking steps to reduce risks caused by pests and diseases of plants, animals and the environment.

Biosecurity Solutions Australia specialises in a range of work across the biosecurity continuum -from prevention and preparedness to response, ongoing management and recovery.

Our work includes:

  • On farm, area wide, or industry driven biosecurity plans.
  • Advice on compliance with biosecurity related legislation.
  • Industry codes of practice and guidelines.
  • Incursion and response planning.
  • Movement and certification systems.
  • Preparation and delivery of education and training programs.

Based on the complexity of your biosecurity needs our business can put together a team of quality consultants with a proven track record to ensure that you get the best solution to your biosecurity problem.

Contact us to discuss any biosecurity related issue – we are here to help!

Grant Telford
BAppSc(Rural Tech)

Director and Principal Consultant.

As Director and Principal Consultant, Grant Telford has over 30 years of experience in biosecurity (animal, plant and chemical) – with 22 years of experience in biosecurity gained through the Queensland government, and 10 years of experience as the Director and Principal Consultant for Biosecurity Solutions Australia Pty Ltd.  Grant’s skills include expertise in program management, quality system development, biosecurity legislation, biosecurity strategy, emergency response, interstate market access certification programs, statistical analysis, risk analysis and operational delivery.

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